CLT Gutterglove
CLT Gutterglove
CLT Gutterglove participates in active community improvement programs.
CLT Gutterglove works with Mecklenburg County Schools and DrugFree World to educate children about drugs and the horrific effects they have on peoples lives.
The DrugFreeWorld program is now in place in over 100 Mecklenburg County Schools as a result of the efforts of CLT Gutterglove employees. The program has also been used in Mecklenburg County Jail.
CLT Gutterglove donates to the Toys for Tots Literacy Program run by the marines.
CLT Gutterglove actively supports animal welfare including donations to people who foster large numbers of animals with a limited budget.
It is CLT Gutterglove's Company Policy to always have an ongoing program to improve our community by educating our youth.
"What we do now to Educate our Children is very important because they will Create our Future"
CLT Gutterglove Management

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CLT Gutterglove
10917 Ridge Acres RD


Charlotte 28214

Gutterglove Features:

  • Installs on existing gutters
  • Permanent Solution to cleaning
  • Keeps you off the ladder
  • Free cleaning and allignment
  • Does not void roof warranty
  • Transferable Warranty
  • Top Rated Stainless Steel Guard
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