CLT Gutterglove
CLT Gutterglove
Why should one be concerned with clogged gutters and even consider Gutterglove?
Water backflow from clogged gutters can cause the following problems:
  • Wood rot on fascia, soffit and anywhere that overflow water penetrates.
  • Foundation issues and settling can be caused when gutters do not direct the water away from your home.
  • Mold and mildew can cause health issues.
  • Water attracts insects – Termites can damage a home resulting in very costly repairs.
Proper water management can eliminate tens of thousands of dollars of repairs.
Why do gutters clog when they have an existing protection system installed?
There are many gutter protection products on the market that are not designed to keep tiny seeds and pine needles out of gutters. When seeds germinate and grow in gutters they cause clogging and create extra work involving the removal of the current system before cleaning and then the system must be reinstalled afterwards.
All CLT Gutterglove product options have a fine stainless steel mesh that will not allow seeds, pine needles or shingle sand into the gutter.
CLT Gutterglove offers a NO CLOG WARRANTY
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CLT Gutterglove
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CLT Gutterglove
415 E Woodlawn Rd #7

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Gutterglove Features:

  • Installs on existing gutters
  • Permanent Solution to cleaning
  • Keeps you off the ladder
  • Free cleaning and allignment
  • Fascia repairs 
  • Does not void roof warranty
  • Transferable Warranty
  • Top Rated Stainless Steel Guard

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